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Arakan: - One Who Preserves and Takes Care of Their Own Nationality.

Publication by Arakan Action Association (AAA.)


 The Buddhist Art of Ancient Arakan



CHAPTER       (     I     )     Geographical Description

CHAPTER       (    II    )      The Early History of Kingdom of Arakan up to 1000 A.D.

CHAPTER       (   III    )      The Cities of Dhanyawadi and Vesali

CHAPTER       (   IV    )      The “Fat Monk” Image

CHAPTER       (    V    )       Miniature Stupas

CHAPTER       (   VI    )      A Tablet of Auspicious Symbols and a Lustration Pot

CHAPTER       (   VII   )      Dedicatory Inscriptions of Niticandra and Viracandra of Vesali

CHAPTER       (  VIII  )      A Copper-Plate Land Grant

CHAPTER       (   IX    )      Two Inscribed Ancient Bronze Bells

CHAPTER       (   X     )       Five  Ancient Bronze Lamps

CHAPTER       (   XI    )      A Ceti Dedicatory Inscription from Eighth Century Vesali

CHAPTER       (   XII  )       Ancient Miniature Bronze “Cetis” of Vesali

CHAPTER       (  XIII  )       Different Indian Schools of Art

CHAPTER       (  XIV  )       The Head, The Hair and The Usnisa

CHAPTER       (  XV  )        Crowned Buddha Images

CHAPTER       (  XVI  )       Posture and Gestures of Buddha Images

CHAPTER       ( XVII )       Great Events of the Master’s Life

CHAPTER       ( XVIII )      The Life of Gautama Buddha

CHAPTER       (  XIX  )       Evolution of Buddhism in India

CHAPTER       (  XX   )       Fundamentals of Theravda Buddhism

CHAPTER       (  XXI  )       Buddhism in Arakan

CHAPTER       ( XXII )       The Mahamuni Sculptures

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Arakan Library was founded by a group of Arakan Action Association (AAA) in exile in Thailand from Burma in 2007 doing to voice for the knowledge, the people democratic and human rights.


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